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The 2015 Penn State Science-U Summer Camps at University Park, PA.

NittanyBots: Penn State Mindstormers (Full; registration closed) from 15 June 2015 09:00 AM to 19 June 2015 04:00 PM
(June 15-19, Grades 3-4) Science-U has partnered with Way Cool STEM Education to offer an awesome camp that challenges young students to explore the world of engineering through complex control systems...using LEGOS! Design creativity is strongly encouraged. Join us soon for this camp experience. Spaces are limited!
CSI Camp: The Microbial Menace (Full; registration closed) from 15 June 2015 09:00 AM to 19 June 2015 04:00 PM
(June 15-19, Grades 4-8) The game is afoot in the kitchen as the microbial menace has struck again! There's been a serious food poisoning case, possibly even deadly, but who's to blame? The waiter? The cook? The food delivery company? Or the food manufacturer? The not-so-friendly microrganism causing all the trouble is deadly, and there are many questions left unanswered...can you help us solve the mystery using science?
Busted! Myth Meets Science (Full; registration closed) from 22 June 2015 09:00 AM to 26 June 2015 04:00 PM
(June 22-26, Grades 2-3) Start the summer off at one of the best science camps ever! Do you think you can unravel the mysteries you hear everyone talking about at school? Ever hear a myth or legend and wish you knew if it were true? Well, wonder no more! Come to this camp and you will be part of an investigative team that unlocks the secrets to some of the fun, silly, and crazy misconceptions you've heard about!
Infection! (registration closed) from 22 June 2015 09:00 AM to 26 June 2015 04:00 PM University Park Campus,
(June 22-26, Grades 9-12) Join Penn State disease experts and learn the shocking truths about how and why a viral or bacteria apocalypse could happen, but never will. Campers will leave knowing more than they want to, and well equipped to teach others how to recognize, slow and prevent disease transmission.
Water Heroes (registration closed) from 22 June 2015 09:00 PM to 24 June 2015 04:00 PM
(June 22-24, Grades 6-8) We need Global Water Heroes to protect our water so it is safe to drink and swim in – both for us and aquatic life. Join Penn State science and engineering faculty and graduate students as we explore old and new ways to protect one of the most vital compounds on earth.
Artificial Intelligence from 28 June 2015 09:00 AM to 03 July 2015 04:30 PM
(June 28-July 3, Grades 9-12) Last fall, respected Artificial Intelligence researcher Dr. Cassandra O. M. Pewter disappeared during experiments to upload her mind into a mainframe. Recently, strange robots were discovered near her former lab that were scavenging electronic parts and actuators from nearby equipment. Trainees are urgently needed to use bomb disposal robots to explore critical areas of the laboratory, acquire some of these strange robot scavengers, and learn to reprogram them to explore the compromised building. Debates are raging whether it is ethical to shut down the system or to treat the advanced intelligence as a new life-form. Will you help us navigate the ethical and technological challenges to save the campus from this potential robot invasion?
Wizards, Olympians, and Science Heroes (Full; registration closed) from 29 June 2015 09:00 AM to 03 July 2015 04:00 PM University Park Campus,
Campers follow in the footsteps of literature's finest heroes, such as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Percy Jackson and many others to unravel what it means to be a hero and a great scientist! They will have to study the greats, learn winning habits, and defeat the villains all in a week!
Forensic DNA: Next Generation Detectives (Full; registration closed) from 05 July 2015 09:00 AM to 10 July 2015 04:00 PM
(July 5-10, Grades 9-12) Join a team of Forensic Science experts and your peers at the Nation's top-rated Forensic Science department at University Park, PA this summer and become a forensic scientist! The Penn State Forensic Science Department invites you to master the ultimate detective skill of DNA analysis! Whether you're called to investigate a murder or determine a 'who dun it' case, the future of evidence-based crime solvers will often rely on DNA to determine the truth.
Engineering a Sustainable World (Full; registration closed) from 06 July 2015 09:00 AM to 10 July 2015 04:00 PM
(July 6-10, Grades 4-7) Have you ever wondered where energy comes from? What energy is? How we save it? What the future holds for us with energy conservation? Join us this summer to uncover the truth about the future of energy in the U.S. and the world...
Ecology Camp: The Wild Wonders of Your Own Backyard (Full; registration closed) from 13 July 2015 08:30 AM to 17 July 2015 04:30 PM
(July 13-17, Grades 4-7) Imagine taking a week this summer and doing what you do best - explore the world around you by immersing yourself in it...come experience Penn State science at its best: in the field, literally!
Nittany Lion, M.D. (Full, registration closed) from 19 July 2015 09:00 AM to 24 July 2015 04:00 PM
(July 19-July 24, Grades 5-8) The world needs new, intelligent doctors who can crack case studies that stump even the sharpest physicians! What if you could transport the chaos of an ER scene into a pre-medical training camp? Science-U presents a fast-paced pre-medical dissection and diagnosis experience for your doctor-in-training! Join us this summer on your way to med school!
Science Leadership: A Festival of Innovative Ideas (Full; registration closed) from 19 July 2015 09:00 AM to 24 July 2015 05:00 PM
(July 19-July 24, Grades 10-12) If you are considering pursuing a high-level educational experience and solving serious global issues using science, engineering, and teamwork, the Penn State Science Leadership camp offers an opportunity to experience both.

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