Artificial Intelligence

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When is it?

28 June 2015 to 03 July 2015

 9:00 am - 4:30 pm regular days; Sunday, June 28th is check-in and camp opening (4 pm for residential campers, 6:00 pm for day), and camp ends July 3rd at 1 pm with a parent reception at noon.

Who can attend?

Students entering grades 9-12.

What's covered?Artificial Intelligence Camper

Last fall, respected Artificial Intelligence researcher Dr. Cassandra Pewter disappeared from her university laboratory during experiments to upload her mind into a mainframe. Recently, strange robots were discovered near her former lab area that were found to be scavenging electronic parts and actuators from nearby equipment. The area has been cordoned off as all attempts to send in remote-control robots have resulted in these systems being suddenly re-programmed and disappearing. When adults have interacted with this new intelligence, there has been only failure, as somehow this system interprets adults as threatening. The plan now is to train high-school students to use bomb disposal robots to explore critical areas of the laboratory, acquire some of these strange robot scavengers, and reprogram them to explore the extent of the robotic invasion in the building. There is a possibility to augment these student volunteers with robotic enhancements to allow communication with this new artificial intelligence, but there's a risk that these enhancements cannot be removed after they are installed. Volunteers are urgently needed in order to shut down this system or at least teach it to interact nicely with others. Will you help us navigate the ethical and technological challenges to save the campus from this robot invasion?

Note: This camp ends on July 3rd at 1 pm. Closing ceremony/activity from noon-1 pm.

Lunch and Snacks

  • Activity breaks will be taken each day to allow kids to eat their peanut free snacks that they brought from home.
  • Campers will walk to Pollock Dining Commons each day for lunch.

Camp fees and registration

Register online before midnight March 31, 2015

  • $425 (day option)
  • $825 (resident option)

Register online after 12 am April 1, 2015

  • $455 (day option)
  • $855 (resident option)

Day or Resident

Day option:

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Please drop your child off from between 8:45 and 9:00 am. Camp ends promptly at 5:00 pm. Please arrange to pick him/her up by 4:00 pm.

Resident option:

Campers can choose to stay at Penn State from Sunday evening (check-in and opening ceremony at 6:00 pm) until Friday afternoon (camp ends promptly at 1:00 pm). Resident campers stay in University Residence Halls. Evening mentors supervise activities and outings.