Background Clearances and Building A Safe Penn State

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The Eberly College of Science Outreach Office is committed to ensuring the safety of our program participants, our staff and our volunteers.

The Penn State University Clearance Process:

The Eberly College of Science Outreach Office is committed to ensuring the safety of our program participants, our staff, and our volunteers. As a condition of employment with Science-U, individuals must obtain the following publicly available background clearances as required by Pennsylvania state law and Penn State University Human Resources policies.   Employment and volunteering with the Eberly College of Science outreach program is contingent upon completion of these clearances and it is suggested that individuals start the process as soon as an offer of employment or volunteer position has been received and accepted.

Already Have Your Clearances? 

  • If you have previously completed these three background clearances, please bring them to the Eberly College of Sciences Human Resources Office in 512 Thomas Building to see if they are current and valid.
  • If you have any question about whether the clearances are acceptable, please contact the Eberly College of Science Human Resources Office at


Instructions for Obtaining Clearances: 

  • Click here to find a document of instructions for obtaining these publicly available clearances. 
  • Contact Kate ( if you have any questions, or for a PDF version of the background clearance instructions that are specific to Science-U applicants. 


Clearance Costs and Reimbursement:

  • If you are obtaining these clearances for volunteer purposes, The Criminal Background Check and the Child Abuse History Clearance Form will be free. Volunteers still have to pay to do the FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check, but will be reimbursed if they bring that receipt to 512 Thomas when they turn in their clearances.
  • If you are obtaining the clearances for paid employment, there is a fee for each of these clearances which must be paid by credit or debit card at the time they are submitted.  The total cost will be $39 and will be built in to your offer letter. Should you receive results that prevent you from working with youth or you do not follow through with the terms of your Employment Agreement, the cost for these clearances will NOT be covered by the Eberly College of Science.


Where to Take Completed Clearances:

  • When you have received the results of each of these clearances, take the originals to the Eberly College of Science Human Resources Office in 512 Thomas Building.  A copy of your clearances will be made there and you should keep the originals.


Periodic updates or additional background checks:

  • Penn State retains the right to conduct relevant background checks of current employees when it has reasonable grounds to do so, e.g., a workplace incident has occurred, upon self-disclosure of criminal activity or upon the University being informed of such activity, or upon a change of assignment.
  • Science-U employees are required to notify the Eberly College of Science Human Resources representative of an arrest (charged with a misdemeanor or felony) or conviction for an offense enumerated in the Penn State Arrest or Conviction self-disclosure form within 72 hours of knowledge of the arrest or conviction. The Penn State Arrest and Conviction self-disclosure form provides the list of arrests and/or convictions that must be disclosed and this form must be used to provide the information in writing to the appropriate Human Resources representative. Failure to report such incidents may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the background check process, please contact the Eberly College of Science Office of Human Resources at (814) 863-6216 or via email at


Background Clearance Laws

Effective July 1, 2015, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 1276 into law as Act 15 amending PA Title 23: Domestic Relations, Ch.63: Child Protective Services. The Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law requires employees who have contact with children in youth programs sponsored by Penn State to obtain the following background clearances (These clearances are in addition to the standard background check that must be completed by all Penn State employees through the Penn State Office of Human Resources).

Penn State's "Building a Safe Penn State: Reporting Child Abuse" Training

This training must be completed by employees each year. (The training certificate expires 365 days after the date the training was completed.) The training must be completed in order to learn how to recognize child abuse and how to properly report child abuse. This is a 1.5 hour online training. Provided below is a link to instructions for accessing and completing the training. 

How to Take the Training:

  • Go to the Learning Resource Network (LRN) page at
  • Log in: If you are not a PSU employee, click "Volunteer/Other". You will then be able to login with your existing LRN username/password or create an account. If you are a PSU employee, click "Faculty, Staff, & Wage". You will be able to either login with your PSU Access Account or create an LRN username/password if you do not have an Access Account.  (If this does not work, please see troubleshooting tips below.)
  • Once you have logged in, search for "Building a Safe Penn State: Reporting Child Abuse" in the upper right-hand corner. The training should appear.
  • If you have taken the training in past years, click "Request", NOT "Launch". This will make sure that a new instance of the training opens.
  • Once you have completed the training, send your certificate of completion to 

Troubleshooting Tips - Try these if you are having issues accessing the training!
  • If you've already taken the training and need to retake it to get an updated certificate,click "Request" not "Launch".  This will open a new session of the training that will allow you to get an updated 
  •  If you have NOT made an LRN account before: Click 'New Employee' --> 'Create LRN Account'. Fill in the requested info on the next screen. For email, use your PSU email. When finished, click "Login" and you should be able to access the LRN site and search for the "Building a Safer Penn State" training. If you need to leave and log back in later, you should be able to click the "Faculty, Staff, & Wage" login option and then select "Login with Access Account"
  • If you HAVE created an LRN account before and cannot access:  If you were trying to login through the "Faculty, Staff, & Wage" option and are unable to get access when you click "Login with Access Account", try exiting and reopening Then click the "Volunteer/Other" button, click "Volunteer/Other Login", and then click "Login" by the "Have a Penn State Access Account?" question that appears at bottom right. If the above step does not work, your account may be inactive. Call the Office of Workplace Learning & Performance at 814-865-8216 and ask them to check if your account can be reactivated. (You will likely need to provide your 9-digit PSU ID number.)