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Career Links


Women's Guide to Paying for College

Open Education Database: Science Careers at a Glance

CollegeMapper: Resources for finding colleges, scholarships and online classes

Top Medical Assistant Schools in Pennsylvania

United States Department of Labor: Student resources for science career exploration

Medical Assisting Career Opportunities for Those with Disabilities


Science Competition

The Young Scientist Competition: A video science competition for grades 5-8

Kids' Science Challenge: A competition for grades 3-6 to propose experiments for scientists to solve


Polymer Science

Polymer-Search: Using plastic bottles for kid safe experiments


Science Demonstrations and Toys

Steve Spangler Science: Hands-on science experiments and demonstrations



Chemistry and Kids

Kids Online Resources: Science links for understanding chemistry

15 Amazingly Awesome Science Channels for Kids


Crime Scene Investigation

FBI: Information about the Federal Bureau of Investigation for students

Forensic Nursing Careers: A guide to Forensic Registered Nurse Programs

A Forensic Science Guide to Crime Scene Investigation


Environmental Science

Berkey's Science Experiments with Water

UPack: Saving money and the environment: A kid's guide to recycling

Recycling Resources: Links to information, projects, and experiments about recycling

Fun jewelry crafts from recycled materials

Kenburn Recycling for Kids



NASA: Astronomy picture of the day

NASA: Hubble Space Telescope

NASA Space Place: Activities and information for astronomy and space exploration


Myth Busting

Discovery Channel MythBusters Database


Food Science

Penn State College of Agriculture: Food Safety


The Polar Center at Penn State

The Polar Center: Outreach, education, and research at Penn State University


School Links

Elementary School Finder by State

High School Finder by State

United State Census: The 2012 Statistical Abstract for Education

Other Links

The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers - their science and non-science interests

Dragonfly TV - career videos, games, quizzes for middle to high school students

PCS Edventures:

Choosing A Cyber Security Degree-