The Goals of Science-U

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Science-U seeks multiple outcomes with various target domains/audiences. See them below:
  1. To create exciting and engaging science experiences for all participants (to promote the pursuit of personal interests in the STEM fields)
  2. To boost matriculation and retention in the STEM disciplines, at K-12 and post-secondary levels.
  3. To increase science content knowledge (STEM content learning).
  4. To improve scientific thinking including creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership (i.e., communication, teamwork, collaboration, and advocacy)
  5. To increase participation from faculty and students (especially first and second year students) in meaningful science engagement experiences.
  6. To promote science teaching strategies (both informal and formal)
  7. To extend the research and intellectual foundations of Penn State to the community by acquiring funding (e.g., NSF proposals and other grant efforts) that assist in program creation and implementation.
  8. To improve collaborations and connections between K-12 educators and research faculty.