The Goals of Science-U

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Science-U is dedicated to advancing science literacy in youth through the sharing and discovery of scientific knowledge within the intellectual foundations at Penn State. Our chief goals are to educate and inspire students, encourage their critical thinking, and prepare them to become responsible, skilled, and caring scientists and citizens when faced with tomorrow’s challenges.

  1. To create exciting and engaging science experiences for all participants to promote the pursuit of personal interests in the STEM fields
  2. To increase campers' confidence in the ability to succeed in STEM as well as their interest in and understanding of educational/career pathways in STEM
  3. To increase campers' science literacy, which includes STEM content and an understanding of the scientific process
  4. To improve campers' scientific thinking (including creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership)
  5. To deepen campers' understanding of the relevance of science and scientists to their everyday lives