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Student Groups, Colleges, Local and National Organizations, Professional Networks, Museums, and School with whom Science-U commonly interfaces.
  •  Faculty at Penn State
  • Center for Excellence and Science Education (CESE)
  • College of Education (SciEd, MathEd, ElEd., etc.)
  • Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS)
  • NASA
  • PA Space Grant Consortium
  • Student Groups at Penn State (including GWIS, AWIS, SWE, NCS, SLP, and other clubs)
  • College of Engineering
  • Local/Regional/National School Districts (including SCASD, BEASD, BACSD)
  • Upward Bound (SEECoS)
  • Discovery Space
  • Colleges of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS)
  • Materials Research Center (MRSEC)
  • Academic Space Alliance (ASA)
  • Energy Institute
  • Huck Life Sciences
  • Millennium Science Center
  • College of Science and Agriculture
  • College of Health and Human Development
  • College of Arts and Architecture
  • Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence