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Financial aid for Science-U camps is awarded based on available funds and the total number of applications. Awards will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our financial aid committee begins to meet regularly in mid-late February to make awards and continues to make awards until funds are exhausted. Because of limited funds, a child can receive financial aid for only one camp each summer. However, more than one child in a family may receive a financial aid award each summer.

Steps to apply:

If you are applying for financial aid, you are not required to submit payment at the time of registration.   The application process is as follows:

1. Once registration opens on February 5th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m., go to and click on the “Register Now” icon on the left side of the page.  Register your child on-line for his/her chosen camps and select the “Check” option during checkout. Camp spots fill quickly so plan to register as early as possible!

2. Answer the five questions that appear on the registration form once the “Financial Aid” option is selected: (1) total household annual income, (2) total number of family members in household, (3) whether the child qualifies for free or reduced school lunches (4) the amount of financial support received by each child, and (5) an electronic signature. (Note: Since we are not collecting tax returns or paycheck stubs, you will be held under penalty of law to supply information that is true and accurate.)

3. Submit the following WITHIN TWO BUSINESS WEEKS of your registration date: 

  • A supporting letter from the parent/guardian that describes how attending the camp will enhance their child’s summer experience
  • A 100-word handwritten essay, by each child applying, on this topic: "Why I want to go to a Penn State Science camp this summer." No typed or computer-produced essays will be accepted. If a child is too young to write an essay, words and/or drawings will be acceptable. 

Mail, email or fax letters to:

      Science - U Financial Aid
      201 Ritenour Building
      University Park, PA 16802        
      Fax: 814-865-0096
*NOTE - One of the criteria we consider when distributing financial aid is the total number of camps a family is registered for and would be paying for before financial aid. If a family registers for a certain number of camps, receives financial aid, and then cancels from several camps, their total financial aid amount may be reduced since their overall financial burden is reduced as well.