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Financial aid funds for 2016 camps have been exhausted. We are no longer accepting applications for financial aid as of 3/1/2016. Financial Aid will be awarded based on available funds and the total number of requests. Requests will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. We have a limited number of spaces available in each camp for participants awarded full or partial financial aid. If you are applying for financial aid, you are not required to submit payment at the time of registration. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please complete the online financial aid questions and submit your letters (see below for details) within 2 weeks of registration to be considered for financial aid.

Steps to apply (funds are exhausted for 2016):

  1. Determine if you are eligible for financial aid based on household income below:

    Annual Household Income/Eligibility

    • Less than $30,000 (Full or partial financial aid)
    • $30,000 - 70,000 (partial financial aid)
    • Greater than $70,000 (no financial aid)
  2. Register your child on-line for his/her chosen camps and select the Financial Aid (no-payment) option to reserve their spot in camp.
  3. Submit the answers to these four questions on the registration form: (1) total household annual income, (2) total number of family members, (3) the amount of financial support received by each child, and (4) an electronic signature. (Note: Since we are not collecting tax returns or paycheck stubs, you will be held under penalty of law to supply information that is true and accurate.)
  4. Submit the following WITHIN TWO BUSINESS WEEKS of your registration date:
    • A supporting letter from the parent/guardian detailing why the child(ren) is financially disadvantaged and explain how the child's past experiences will enhance the environment and diversity of this camp.
    • A 100-word handwritten essay, by each child applying, on this topic: "Why I want to go to a Penn State Science camp this summer." No typed or computer-produced essays will be accepted. If your child(ren) is too young to write an essay, words and/or drawings will be acceptable. Each child's essay must be mailed or faxed to the camp director.
    • Mail Forms and letters to: Science - U Financial Aid, 215 Ritenour Building, University, Park, PA 16802 Fax: 814-865-0096.
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