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What is STEM Education?

The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields are collectively considered core technological underpinnings of an advanced society, according to both the National Research Council and the National Science Foundation. In many forums (including political/governmental and academic) the strength of the STEM workforce is viewed as an indicator of a nation's ability to sustain itself.

Science-U Opportunities in STEM Education

Science-U offers a unique opportunity for pre-service education students, K-12 educators, and post-secondary instructional faculty to design and practice successful science teaching strategies.

Teacher Workshops

We are currently designing professional development opportunities for teaching professionals during summer camp weeks.  Stay tuned for more information in 2012.


For more information about available positions please see the employment page, or contact us with additional ideas.


What is Outreach?

Outreach describes any activity that brings the work, experience, knowledge, information, inventions, etc. of the university out into the community, the nation or the world.

Please visit Outreach and Science Engagement for more information about outreach at Penn State.


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