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Read what parents have to say about Science-U!

2016 Parent TestimonialsEgg drop watching

“My daughter not only has a blast during camp, she also comes home with a wealth of scientific knowledge, and is always inspired to delve into all things science related outside of camp. The director and counselors are all so friendly and helpful. We couldn’t be more pleased!” –Science-U parent

 “Science-U provides young students an incredible opportunity to participate in real science using critical thinking skills to help solve real world problems. I can’t thank PSU enough for allowing our children to work in your labs and develop a true love of science.” –Science-U parent 

“Our children come home each day talking about Nittany Bots. They compare their experiences from both grade levels, swap stories, and fill in each other’s missing knowledge.” –Nittany Bots parent 

2015 Parent Testimonials

“This is a first-rate program with an engaging and hands-on curriculum. Kids learn a great deal and love every minute of it.”

“Each time [children] participate in a Science-U experience, [their] understanding of what science is, and who does science expands. Each time, my daughter becomes more enthusiastic about pursuing a career in science. ”

“As a parent of a student entering high school, I could not be more impressed with Science U.  The camp was extremely organized and educational.

"I think it broadened his understanding of what different topics are truly science-related, beyond what he's learned in school.  He wouldn't have thought that bubbles or tooth decay could be scientific prior to this camp, or that testing a hypothesis could be so exciting."  Our child learned so much in a week and had a great time!  The professors and mentors shared their love of science with the campers in a fun environment.  We cannot wait to see what camps are offered next year.  It is definitely the best summer camp we have seen!!”

"[My daughter] talks about all the exciting experiments which she did at each of the camps at every opportunity.  No matter what we are discussing - she seems to be able to relate it to something she learned at Science-U camp."

2014 Parent Testimonials

"There are very few programs that I know of that are so practical and sound that really allow the children to be "hands on" with this educational experience."

"My daughter came home mid-week and announced she was going to be a "scientist or engineer" when she grew up.  She wrote this down and underlined it.  We were so excited.  She came home and tried to make Oobleck. She also sat right down to put together the telescope they were given so she can see the stars."

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"This camp showed her that science is not just the boring stuff she learns in her science class at school. This camp really inspired her interest in science, and she is 100% sure that she wants to do more science camps next summer."

"He learned that science is all around us on a daily basis, and it is fun. He could not stop telling us what he had learned each day."

"Experiencing the campus and a small taste of its academic offerings has been a great way to expand his horizons. He will be the first in his family to attend college soon, and I feel like this camp has helped prepare him for it."

2013 Parent Testimonials

“This has been one of the best investments in an enrichment activity we have made for our daughter. It is a superior program ... fun, engaging, run by top notch enthusiastic professionals in a world class academic setting. I highly recommend it!”


“We are thrilled with the experiences our boys have accumulated through their participation in Science-U over the years.  We are amazed, and proud of all they have accomplished and highly recommend the programs to others. They are by far, the best camp experiences they have ever had -- and hands down -- their favorite camps each summer.”


“I love that you break out into small groups so each child gets a ton of hands on experience. It is so much fun to hear about all the fun things at the end of each day and to hear an explanation on why something happened.”


“I signed up my kids hoping they would learn something over the summer. Not only did they learn and loved attending, but rediscovered loving to learn. I moved to NJ, but will bring my kids back to Science U as long as my schedule allows because not only is it a great program, it is a great value.”

2012 Parent Testimonials


"Science-U was a wonderful experience for my 7-year-old son.  It was a well organized, fun program run by very enthusiastic mentors.  He can't wait for next year!"

"This camp helped to further my child's passion for science and learning in general."

"Our daughter usually likes to sleep-in on summer days, but NOT on Science-U days!"

"I am always impressed and encouraged by the education my sons receive when they attend Science-U.  The programs are carefully thought out and delivered with such enthusiasm.  Penn State really has created a place to excite children about science."


2011 Parent Testimonials


“This was our 3rd year with Science-U and we have been thrilled with the staff and the program content every time. Our kids have really enjoyed Science-U and we plan to return next year.” –Parent of NLMD camper


“Science-U is a fantastic way to open young minds to science while having fun at the same time. Keep up the great work!” – Parent of Jr SS camper


“My son’s teacher commented on how much he already knew about some of the science topics they were covering in school and how he could explain the mechanics and reasoning behind them to other students. Science-U is the first camp we schedule in the summer.” – Parent of 4th grader in CSI camp


“These camps rock! I’ve never seen my daughter so excited about science. Thanks for such a fun and enthusiastic learning atmosphere. My daughter felt comfortable and had fun from day one. Thank you! Keep up the great work!” – Parent of SciOfToys Camper

2010 Parent Testimonials


“There were smiles at the end of every day. We received a most enthusiastic play by play at dinner every night. Thank you for a wonderful week. See you next summer!” – Anonymous


“I think Science-U is a great summer camp that exposes young learners to the wonders of science at an early stage in their development.”- Father of Tia

“This is our 4th year at Science-U and it just keeps getting better! Honestly, it’s the best experience my children have all summer. We will continue to go to Science-U for as long as you’ll have us!” –Mother of Emma and Will


“We would highly recommend these camps to parents and children. The staff made it very safe, educational, fun and very interesting. Many thanks!” – Father of Ross


“My son said it was his best camp ever. I loved the excitement…he is eager to go every day. I was practically blown away by the video on Friday. What professionalism! Both on the science part and knowing how to work with children. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.” – Mother of David


“The counselors were fantastic and helped our daughter through a rough first night of homesickness. The mentors did an excellent job of motivating and fostering a positive learning environment.” – Father of Katie

“Perfect learning environment, interactive, exciting, and creative. My children love the programs and look forward to each session.” – Anonymous


“This is the third year my boys have come to Science-U and before the camp is even over they are talking about next year.  Being here and experiencing Penn State as they have, my oldest is already saying he will be coming here for college.” – Mother of Jimmy

“A fascinatingly well-run program.” - Father of Sara

“I love picking my son up and hearing “I have so much to tell you!’ He then proceeds to tell me about all of the day’s experiments the whole ride home. Seeing him light up and come alive with excitement is amazing.” – Mother of Marty

2009 Parent Testimonials

“My kids had a fabulous time at science camp. They loved the hands on activities and they were excited to share with us everything they learned.  We enjoyed how well run and organized the camp was.  We’ll definitely be back next year. Thank you!” – Mother of Einav and Ethan, ages 10 and 7


“The Science-U camps provide a unique opportunity for young adults and children to experience science in a fun way.  The staff and mentors do a wonderful job working with the children and engaging them in activities.” – Mother of Katy, age 12


“After sending my child to science camp, a normally quiet and reserved child went from saying his day was “fine” to talking NONSTOP about all of his experiments and adventures he experience throughout his day at Gee Wizards and CSI camps. I cannot thank you enough for bringing out his inner scientist in such a fun, creative, and exciting way!” – Mother of Troy, age 9

“My daughter felt like a true scientist. The mentors and leaders are outstanding and formed strong relationships with my child.  Emma felt the only thing that could be improved is having the camp NEVER end.” – Mother of Emma, age 9


“Science camp was a fantastic experience for my 10 year old son. Not only did he get valuable hands-on experience with science, but he also learned what a “real” university lab facility is like.  My son is motivated more than ever to pursue his interests in science.” – Mother of Micah, age 10